10 Free Network Management Tools from SolarWinds

solarwindsManagement tools are always useful, but good ones are hard to find.  I think the best ones are very often the ones that are built for a single purpose instead of those huge applications that are supposed to do everything.  One good example of this, is Solarwind’s Exchange Server Monitor.  I came across this application because I needed something that would just sit there and let me see how the server was doing without having to check a remote desktop window constantly.  I went back to see the other free tools and many of them can be extremely useful for the specific tasks they were built for.

I have not tested all of these tools of course, because some of them are too specific for my needs, but the Exchange Monitor and the Kiwi Syslog Server work great and do exactly what you expect them to.

Free tools are always welcome and the quality products offered by Solarwinds are an excellent addition to any administrator’s toolset.

3 Thoughts on “10 Free Network Management Tools from SolarWinds

  1. I’ve used Servers Alive (free for 10 monitors, reasonably priced for more), at http://www.woodstone.nu
    Painfully dated interface, surprisingly powerful and useful app.

  2. Great tools, I’ve used them as well. Especially the NetFlow Configurator.

    Lot of vendors started providing these kind of tools. Check this link, more relevant and a wide portfolio of their freebies.


  3. I know a while back my professor was winokrg with a QA gentleman from Fluke on a research project. It involved this very topic of verifying the integrity of captured data when it came to monitoring and network forensic investigations and the challenges of potentially proving that this data submitted in a court of law was valid evidence. And in my experience, Mike has it right. Most don’t care, test for it, or even think about it. As long as infrastructure is up and running, packets are being passed, events are being forwarded, etc. that’s all that matters to some.

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