is in Beta and integrates Buzzword

I was looking through some of my old articles this morning trying to find the one about… Much to my surprise, I never got around to writing an article about it! is a Flash/Flex-built web-based word processor. It has quite a few nice features and represents another one of those great Web applications I keep writing about. Adobe bought Buzzword a little while back and there was talk of integrating it into something bigger under the Adobe umbrella. has launched under beta and it includes the very familiar Buzzword. “ is a set of online services — file sharing and storage, PDF converter, online word processor, and web conferencing — you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify working with others.

This is a nice collection of online productivity tools, but not much that hasn’t been seen before, except for Buzzword. The word processor is very capable of competing with some big players and allows you to get the essential document tasks done easily. It supports saving your work in standard formats such as RTF, TXT, Word 2003 XML, Word 2007 .Doc and .Docx, and even lets you export as .PDF and .HTML. You can add comments to your documents, tables, images and, for the workgroup users, you can get version control, real-time status and roles-based security.

The file sharing functions allows you to upload up to 5GB of content and share it with anyone using URLs. It supports creating a list of authorized users who are allowed to view your content and lets you embed the files directly on other websites as well. You are limited on the types of files you upload however, but I’m sure everyone knows how to get around that barrier.

Adobe ConnectNow is the web conferencing tool that is included. it supports pretty much all the standard features such as whiteboard, screen sharing and remote control.

It’s a free service, except the PDF converter after 5 conversions, so it’s certainly worth taking a look at if you like this kind of applications and services.

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