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I may have been somewhat silent recently, but it was vacation time for everyone, and it doesn’t mean I wasn’t still looking around for new applications. A friend of mine spoke to me about this site and I went to take a look. It turns out that it is a very interesting site to know about if you are looking for and/or developing Adobe Air applications.

Refreshingapps was built primarily as a showcase and gallery that shows some of the fantastic Adobe AIR applications that are being developed today. So if you have seen a great AIR app, or you have built something cool go ahead and submit it to our showcase.

Everyone knows I love applications built with Adobe Flex/Air and this site is what it’s all about. You can find a bunch of applications described, reviewed and, best of all, divided into categories according to their purpose and application. The site also has some news articles about the RIA world and gives some useful links to different Resources for developers of all skill levels. Visitors can also rate the listed applications so you can view top applications as voted by actual users.

If you like Air applications, is certainly a bookmark to add to your list.

2 Thoughts on “Adobe Air showcase –

  1. I’m glad you like the site.

    Regards James

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