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RIM – Blackberry App World

Research in Motion (RIM) is now joining the parade with an online app-store.  Just like the very famous Apple iTunes App-Store, and the recently released Microsoft Store, Blackberry users will be able to purchase and download a plethora of applications for their devices.  This was already possible, just not directly from RIM, and this will Continue Reading

PhoneEX – makes your WM5-6 phone act like an iPhone


My mobile phone is an HTC P4000 on the Telus Network.  It runs Windows Mobile 6 and does a pretty good job on most everything I need it for.  However, as in many Microsoft products, there are quite a few areas that can be improved and rendered more enjoyable to use.  Not too long ago, Continue Reading

Eneloop – rechargeable battery without the downsides

For the first time in battery-history it has been possible to combine the advantages of rechargeable batteries with the advantages of disposable batteries. This new kind of batteries was developed by SANYO, the worldwide leader in rechargeable batteries, in 2005 and has been put on the european market in 2006. Since then it has been Continue Reading

How to choose a USB key


There is no sure-fire way to shop for a key. You will need to decide on the capacity you need and think about some of the features you want, then try to find the best value for money and buy it! Some useful info on USB keys… Once you have chosen the capacity of your Continue Reading

USB 3.0 is coming in 2009

USB 3.0 picture

Everyone has at least one USB device or, at least, most people know what USB is for.  The USB standard has been around for many years already and it quickly became a standard in the industry because so many manufacturers decided to produce equipment that use it.  Now, Intel has released the specifications for the Continue Reading

New features of the Apple iPhone 3G

By now, it’s old news that the iPhone 3G is available, but I’ve seen a couple already and wanted to take a look at the new features that make this phone what it is.  One of the great things about this launch is the availability in more countries than before.  It’s available here, in Canada, Continue Reading

Control your computer with your mind


This must be one of those sci-fi fantasies everyone has at least thought about once in their life.  There have been a few products which have brought us closer to mind-controlled computers being a reality, and now there is actually a product that will be available on the retail market. Based on the latest developments Continue Reading

Make money on your old cell phone – Flipswap!


Everyone has an old cell phone that’s just lying around and collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.  I’m no exception to that statement.  So what can you do other than to wait for a friend who needs your older less-featured phone?  Well, Flipswap it, of course! Flipswap makes it easy to give mobile phones a Continue Reading

Microsoft showcases its TouchWall

Techcrunch had a great article about Microsoft’s new gizmo, the TouchWall. Basically, it is a cheap version of the Surface PC, meaning you could get some of the “touch” functionalities without the price tag of the Surface. In details, however, they are two completely different products. The Surface PC is a multi-touch and vision system Continue Reading

Psystar offers Mac Clones


There is something new brewing in the world of computing. The Florida-based company, Psystar, offers a computer that can run any operating system, including Apple’s Mac OS X. This is the Open Computer, which is offered in two versions, the basic, starting at $399 and the Pro, starting at $999. In other words, Apple clones Continue Reading