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Microsoft Live Mesh – Tech Preview


For those of you who have been paying attention, Microsoft is slowly moving towards using the internet as their platform rather than the actual machine you use to access it. Basically, in the long run, we should be able to access all of our stuff from anywhere, using any kind of computer, whether it’s a Continue Reading sells for $2.6 million

I know that this was a few days ago, but since I posted an article about selling domains for profit recently, I thought it was still interesting to mention it here. If you were quick enough to get your hands on a good, catchy and relevant domain name a few years ago, you might want Continue Reading

Facebook IM is rolling out

Just as previously reported, Facebook has begun rolling out their IM client on some selected networks. This was the only available information since the complete roll out schedule has not been made public. it is to be released to limited networks first for load testing and bug-hunting, and then rolled out to broader networks. The Continue Reading

Mozilla Labs and Last.FM Contest

Mozilla Labs Logo

There was a post on Mozilla Lab’s blog to announce that they have partnered with Last.FM to offer a prize package for the “Extend Firefox 3″ contest. They are looking for “the best new music-related Firefox Add-on that demonstrates excellence in user experience, innovativeness, and use of open standards“. The prize package includes a very Continue Reading

Google’s April Fool’s Extravaganza

The Virgle Logo

It turns out that Spongebob Squarepants isn’t the only one who loves April Fool’s day! Google plants a few interesting pranks on this day every year and if you’re not careful, you can get caught believing them for a moment or two. Here are the reported pranks for this year… ADsense for Conversations: Google can Continue Reading

WordPress 2.5 is an excellent update

Wordpress Logo

Well, unless you are using a blogging software or looking to start using one, this article may not be very useful to you, but it is still interesting to hear about a great piece of software when it comes along. Techforlunch uses WordPress, so everything you see is managed and/or generated by wordpress. WordPress 2.5 Continue Reading

Yahoo introduces Shine – for Women

Yahoo Shine Logo

The internet is certainly not what it used to be and that’s a good thing. It’s not just a geeky network that uses obscure Unix commands to function. The internet is getting to a point where it is as diversified as the world we live in. Poetic, isn’t it? Women represent a very large portion Continue Reading

Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles

Techforlunch is pretty far from reaching that many articles, but Wikipedia has reached this incredible number this wednesday.  This is my second post on Wikipedia in a very short while and it’s no surprise because it is one of the most visited sites on the internet these days.  I find that Wikipedia is just like Continue Reading

Photoshop Express in public beta phase

Photoshop Express Logo

These days, I’m wasting/spending a lot of time looking around for a bunch of applications and components built with Adobe Flex. I have been reading up quite a bit on this very promising framework and talked about the release of the most recent version of the builder. It’s not very surprising to find some of Continue Reading

Domain names can still make a good profit

Ever since the internet became a part of the mainstream, there have been people buying a whole bunch of domain names and holding on to them in the hopes of selling them for a profit. If you have ever tried to get a domain name, you already know that there’s a pretty good chance it’s Continue Reading