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Whatever doesn’t fit anywhere else to build applications online

flairbuilder-screenshot is one of those web-based applications that make you wonder why people create just about anything online. It is actually a pretty neat idea, but I’m not too sure about its real-life applications, aside from the proof that it can be done. Flairbuilder is basically a web-based application that you can use to create Continue Reading

Twitter beat the media on news about China earthquake


Twitter has become very popular for keeping everyone informed about what you are doing almost instantly. There are a few ways to get information to and from the site, the most useful and popular one is via SMS – aka Text Messages from your mobile phone. When the massive Earthquake hit China last week, Twitters Continue Reading

GTA IV lives up to the hype


I recently said that I do not usually cover the gaming industry, but it seems that it is getting more and more difficult to ignore. Some games are just impossible to ignore and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a little something about this franchise. Take Two’s Grand Theft Auto 4 is most definitely the best Continue Reading

Happy SPAMiversary!


It was thirty years ago, on May 3rd 1978, that the very first spam message was sent out. I’m not sure if this is a wonderful event to remember, but the first message was not of malicious intent contrary to the ones we sometimes get today. Back then, the internet as we know it today Continue Reading

Facial hair and programming go hand-in-hand


A friend of mine came across this article by Tamir Khason and sent it to me. It’s actually pretty funny to see that -probably by a lot of coincidence- there seems to be a correlation between the success of a programming language and the amount of facial hair that the inventor had :-) I’m sure Continue Reading

Psystar offers Mac Clones


There is something new brewing in the world of computing. The Florida-based company, Psystar, offers a computer that can run any operating system, including Apple’s Mac OS X. This is the Open Computer, which is offered in two versions, the basic, starting at $399 and the Pro, starting at $999. In other words, Apple clones Continue Reading

Launch of PlayStation Home postponed… again

PlayStation Home Logo

Sony has announced another delay in the launch of PlayStation Home. It is a project for a 3D virtual world for users of the PlayStation 3 console, a sort of meeting place, exchange and encounter for the members of this community. Initially, the project was announced in July 2007, Sony had stated that everything would Continue Reading

Heroes Happen {here} in Montreal


Yesterday, I went to the Montreal edition of the Heroes Happen {here} launch event by Microsoft. This is the launch tour for Microsoft’s next-generation server platform Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. I always enjoy going to these launch events because you get to see the actual products and their features Continue Reading sells for $2.6 million

I know that this was a few days ago, but since I posted an article about selling domains for profit recently, I thought it was still interesting to mention it here. If you were quick enough to get your hands on a good, catchy and relevant domain name a few years ago, you might want Continue Reading

Facebook IM is rolling out

Just as previously reported, Facebook has begun rolling out their IM client on some selected networks. This was the only available information since the complete roll out schedule has not been made public. it is to be released to limited networks first for load testing and bug-hunting, and then rolled out to broader networks. The Continue Reading