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Social Networks and their massive volumes

Compete's list of social networking sites

I’m always interested in seeing the incredible amounts of traffic that get generated by certain sites. Google’s numbers are incredible, but they are certainly not the only ones to get huge traffic these days. Social networking sites are a very popular trend. They have been around for a few years and are still going strong. Continue Reading

HD-DVD is leaving the building


Well, it certainly looks like HD-DVD will not be the standard for High-Definition media releases.  Paramount announced (about a week ago) that they will be dumping HD-DVD in favor of Blu-Ray and the scheduled releases are getting harder to find.  Paramount’s decision comes after Toshiba announced that they would no longer manufacture HD-DVD equipement.  Toshiba Continue Reading

Yahoo! “Buzz” in testing phase

In the midst of a Microsoft/Yahoo! battle about the software giant’s wish to takeover, Yahoo! is still moving along as planned on many projects. One of these projects is the new Yahoo! Buzz, which is currently in a testing phase. “Yahoo! Buzz features the most popular stories right now, determined by people around the Web. Continue Reading

Tech for kidz

Most children will be introduced to a computer before age 3 which can be a very good thing. Many games offer important developmental skills such as listening, sequencing, visual memory and more! Some games encourage children to learn colours, shapes, counting, differences, letters, numbers, music/songs, patterns and sequences, phonics and vocabulary. Obviously the help of Continue Reading

Welcome to Tech for Lunch!

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Welcome to the “Technology for Lunch” Blog!  Our aim is very simple.. to cover anything that has to do with technology and that might be of interest to our readers.  If you crave technology, work with it or if you are an enthusiast, you have come to the right place to get your fix. Please Continue Reading