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Adobe Announces Flash Player 10

If you have been paying attention to the RIA world lately, you already know that it is becoming a very competitive market. Rich Internet Applications represent the web’s next generation. You have probably already heard of the most important contenders who provide tools to create applications such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX and Sun Continue Reading

Microsoft showcases its TouchWall

Techcrunch had a great article about Microsoft’s new gizmo, the TouchWall. Basically, it is a cheap version of the Surface PC, meaning you could get some of the “touch” functionalities without the price tag of the Surface. In details, however, they are two completely different products. The Surface PC is a multi-touch and vision system Continue Reading

Twitter beat the media on news about China earthquake


Twitter has become very popular for keeping everyone informed about what you are doing almost instantly. There are a few ways to get information to and from the site, the most useful and popular one is via SMS – aka Text Messages from your mobile phone. When the massive Earthquake hit China last week, Twitters Continue Reading

Powerset unveils a Wikipedia Semantics search tool

Powerset Logo

We are seeing more and more websites who do not come up with a brand new product, but rather a product that sits on top of someone else’s site. In most cases, these sites are simply an interface to another tool or directly enhance your experience. This is the case with Powerset’s new Semantics-based search Continue Reading

Yahoo! Glue

The Search Engine world is a very competitive one and when something interesting is brought to the table, everyone usually follows. Combining search results for different categories is nothing new anymore. Google has had that for a while now and Yahoo! also offers the same thing. When you search for something, at the top of Continue Reading

It’s been a while since we heard about Napster


I’m sure most of you have heard of (and probably used as well) Napster. Napster changed the way we trade, discover and, most of all, download our music forever when it was launched in June 1999. After a very successful run and a whole bunch of lawsuits and pressure from the record industry, Napster closed Continue Reading

GTA4 – We stand corrected at $500 million


Earlier this week, I wrote about GTA IV and said that they had estimated hitting the $300 million mark for the first week of sales. Well, it turns out the estimates were a little bit off and not just by a couple million! Take-Two reported that they sold some 3.6 million copies on the first Continue Reading

Microsoft withdraws Yahoo! offer

Yahoo Logo

Microsoft announced Saturday that it is withdrawing its offer to purchase Yahoo!, due to the inability of both parties to agree on an acceptable sale price. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said in a letter sent to Yahoo! that the software manufacturer was willing to spend $47.5 billion to acquire Yahoo, or $33 per share. But Continue Reading

GTA IV lives up to the hype


I recently said that I do not usually cover the gaming industry, but it seems that it is getting more and more difficult to ignore. Some games are just impossible to ignore and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a little something about this franchise. Take Two’s Grand Theft Auto 4 is most definitely the best Continue Reading

Happy SPAMiversary!


It was thirty years ago, on May 3rd 1978, that the very first spam message was sent out. I’m not sure if this is a wonderful event to remember, but the first message was not of malicious intent contrary to the ones we sometimes get today. Back then, the internet as we know it today Continue Reading