Facial hair and programming go hand-in-hand

A friend of mine came across this article by Tamir Khason and sent it to me. It’s actually pretty funny to see that -probably by a lot of coincidence- there seems to be a correlation between the success of a programming language and the amount of facial hair that the inventor had :-) I’m sure we could do the same type of correlation for many other things, but this one seems to hold true in many cases and I thought it would be a bit different from my usual articles.

The best examples are for the C programming language. One of the most well known and widespread languages. Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie and Kenneth L. Thompson all have beards and have created a language which is used by approximately 16% of open-source projects.

The article then mentions another great contender, namely C++, but this language is being used less and less as time goes by. The reason for the decline of the language is the fact that its creator, Bjarne Stroustrup, had a lot of facial hair when it was released, then only had a goatee and now doesn’t seem to have anymore.

So there are two conclusions to be drawn from this: The success of a programming language is directly related to the amount of facial hair of the creator, and it’s lifespan is also based on keeping that same beard.

Mustaches are not as successful it seems. The developers of BASIC and Perl, both had mustaches and both of those languages were widespread but very criticized.

If you need to see more proof on this theory, you should really take a look at Tamir’s articles. I linked to the most recent one but at the top of his article, you will find a link to the first one that he had written. Enjoy!

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