Firefox 3 is now Available!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the long awaited Firefox 3 is now available for download from Mozilla. This new version has been in the works for a long time now(actually, 34 months to be exact!) and the entire Firefox Community has been watching and hoping for the final release. Boasting some 15,000 changes to improve performance, stability, rendering correctness, and code simplification and sustainability, Firefox 3 is an exciting product that I can’t wait to review.

Here are the Top New Features:

  • Improved Performance -  This is probably, and by far, the most anticipated improvement for this release.  Firefox 2 is an excellent browser, but its memory consumption is sometimes excessive and makes it a very fat application in the long run.  This release claims to load pages faster and use less memory.
  • Password Manager -  Such a feature was already available via some toolbars and plugins, but it is now integrated directly in the browser.
  • One-Click Bookmarking -  One click on the star icon at the end of the location bar bookmarks a site. Two clicks and you can choose where to save it and whether to tag it.
  • Smart Location Bar -  The new location bar learns as you use it. Type in a term and the autocomplete function includes possible matching sites from your browsing history, as well as sites you’ve bookmarked and tagged in a drop down.
  • Instant Website ID -  This is a security feature.  Click on a site favicon for an instant identity overview or click twice to get a detailed report.
  • Full Zoom -  Lets you zoom in the fineprint and on images more easily.
  • Platform-Native Look & Feel -  Firefox’s interface adapts to the OS you are using, whether it’s Windows XP, Windows Vista, Apple or Linux.

There are many more new features available and I will install this new version as soon as I get a chance to be able to review it in a future post.  stay tuned and let me know if you’ve already had a chance to try Firefox 3.

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