Google wants to use “white Space” airwaves

By now, most of you probably know that all TV broadcasters will have to switch to digital signals instead of analog by 2009. This means that all of this broadcasting space would become available to use by other services. Until now, regulations prevented anyone else than broadcasters to use this so-called “white-space”. By February 2009, this broadcasting space would be available for other kinds of service providers and Google and Microsoft have their eyes on it.

Google LogoThe idea is to use these networks for Wireless broadcasting of all sorts, including Internet-ready mobile phones and many devices which can benefit from constant internet connections. Dell, HP, Intel, Google, Microsoft and Philips are part of a group which has been working on getting the approval to use the airwaves.

I think this could be a good thing in terms of user experience since internet availability isn’t always as fast as we’d like or costs too much for data transfers. An opportunityAndroid Logo like this would certainly open up the way and get more and more applications to use these services. Google currently has the most complete, open and free mobile platform, called Android,  being developed by the Open Handset Alliance. This is a big part of their interest in the use of these airwaves. Google has dubbed this as Wi-Fi 2.0 because it would mark the start of a new era in accessibility and convenience.

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