Happy Birthday Google!

It was approximately 10 years ago that Google became the search engine we all know today. It was not always the way it is right now, but the philosophy was there from the beginning.

Google 10th birthdayGoogle has put up a really cool timeline that any fan will find very interesting. You’ll find a plethora of facts about Google’s history, many that you may already know, but certainly many that you may have missed. My personal favorites are the list of all the logos that graced the Google Homepage over the years and the screenshots of the many variations of the homepage.

I remember back in 1997-1998 when I first used Google and became hooked in no time because the results were so much more accurate than the other search engines. I used to be a Metacrawler fan because it allowed to search multiple engines using a single query. Back then, when you were searching for something, you usually had to try a couple of search engines before finding what you were looking for. When Google came along, it quickly became a one-stop shop for most of my queries. Things were even clearer when Google was added to the Metacrawler list of engines. Google’s results always came out on top and with the most accuracy, so just like many interner users, I ended up just going directly to Google to search.

Since then, Google has added an enormous number of features, bought software and made it its own etc..Google Beta Google is even a verb and is used to describe avid users: “Googler”. We have certainly come a long way from th Beta iteration.

As I was writing this, I thought I would give a quick visit to Metacrawler and found that it’s pretty good on the results. I used to take a long time to get results because it kept waiting for slower search engines, but it seems to be much much faster now. I think I just might use it more often when google doesn’t return what I’m looking for the first time.

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