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Everyday I look around the web and find interesting applications. Today, I landed on, and I thought this could be useful to many people out there. If you have been reading anything I’ve written lately, you know that I’m quite fond of well presented and practical applications, especially the ones designed with Adobe Flex. This application fits in all those categories.

IExpenseOnline (or IEO) is an online budgeting solution that helps you manage your budget by assisting you in tracking your daily financial activity. The concept is inspired by a humble notebook, full of daily expenses and income, used by most of us to track and control our budget. IEO is totally FREE and can be used by anyone who wishes to manage budget without a pen and notebook. The data entered into different features offered by IEO is 100% secure, with all the latest technological and manual security parameters in place.

I found the layout very intuitive and easy to use. The presentation is probably what got me hooked right away though. It is very clean and gets you going exactly where you need to go to get things done. There are a bunch of tools and reports you can use to help manage your finances, but I found that the only thing that is missing is the capability to get information directly from your bank account. I had an article about Mint previously and I think that this application might get a portion of users who just need to have a tool for daily management. Best of all, IEO is free!

Take a look at their website to get a good idea of the product and see the interface. You can even give it a quick try without registering if you want.

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