Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has officially released Internet Explorer 8 to the public, after a few beta releases and many many articles on the web… I have covered this in the past a couple of times as well, listing all the new features and taking a test-drive of the first beta release.  This official release has no new features compared to the betas that have been available, but does correct a few bugs and glitches.  The main aspects that have been improved for IE8 over previous versions are the speed, security and, best of all, compliance.  Microsoft states ease of use

as an enhancement, but that’s really just a matter of how you use your browser.  Whether it will help you get things done faster, is up to you.

Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft’s site offers a nice tour of features and lets you download the lastest version.  I have yet to give the final version a try.. I must confess, I still use IE6 sometimes.  I have never upgraded to the dreaded IE7 because every time I have come across it, I noticed weird page renderings and an incredibly slow performance.  However, if I must upgrade to something better eventually (assuming I can’t use my beloved Firefox…), then I would choose Internet Explorer 8 over previous versions easily.

I have read in quite a few places about people who will wait for a while before upgrading because they want to make sure the bugs are fixed.  Well, I have to agree, but this shouldn’t be something to stop you from trying it on a test machine or in a virtual environment.  There are still fixes coming out for IE6 after all ;-)

All things considered, if you are going to upgrade to it eventually and don’t need previous versions for compatibility issues with a specific application or website, then upgrading shouldn’t be a problem.

7 Thoughts on “Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 8

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  2. Internet Explorer 8 is more stable than IE 7 that is why i like it. I always experience freezing browser window in IE 7.

  3. Internet Explorer 8 is so much better than the previous version of internet explorer browser. it is more stable and loads faster.

  4. i love Internet Explorer 8 because it is so much stable that the previous versions of IE. IE7 sometimes freezes and causes blue screens on my PC.

  5. Internet Explorer 8 is really good. This browser is very very stable and i have been using it for quite a while without blue screens or crashes.

  6. Emily on June 1, 2010 at 7:57 am said:

    Internet Explorer 8 is more stable than IE 7 that is why i like it. I always experience freezing browser window in IE 7.

  7. its very slow and crash and download is very slow in windows ie8

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