Microsoft Launches its Online Store for US Customers

The Microsoft StoreThere are a number of things that are bound to happen as internet connections and instant access to products become more and more available.  One of those things is that packaged software could eventually become a thing of the past.  I’m not convinced on the fact that this will happen very soon, but it could certainly happen at some point.  There are already a great number of applications and games that are only available via online purchase and download.  One exception to this movement was Microsoft software.  Previously, it was not possible to purchase and download any version of Windows Vista or Microsoft Office.

Enter the new Microsoft Store.  Just like the Apple iStore,  Microsoft’s Store allows you to shop, purchase and download applications and games to your PC.  There is a variety of titles available and the list is sure to grow over time.  Right now, you could get any version of Windows Vista, Microsoft Office or even Windows Server 2008 and CALs.  The great advantage of buying software this way is that you can start downloading and installing right away.  No need to pay for shipping and wait for the package to finally arrive.  There are a number of items which still require shipping, such as Xbox 360 consoles and other hardware like mice and keyboards.

As of today, the Microsoft Store is available to US Customers.  It was already tested and deployed for European and Korean Customers.  We can expect that availability to grow with time to reach more markets.

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