Microsoft Surface is coming your way

Microsoft Surface

If all goes as planned, the Microsoft Surface will be marketed to the general public within 3 years. This is what the senior management of the company seems to be telling us.

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Tom Gibbons, the head of products at Microsoft, explained that the demand exceeds all expectations, but some design issues must be resolved before moving to mass production.

The Microsoft Surface is a computer, integrated into a tabletop and who’s touch screen measures 30 inches. There is no keyboard or mouse; everything is done using your fingers, a bit like Apple’s iPhone(but don’t worry, the Surface already had demonstration videos out before the iPhone was unveiled!). The results are downright spectacular. If you want to see Microsoft Surface in action, you can watch the following video:

This new gadget was introduced last year for the first time. The prototype that was used impressed many enthusiasts. Microsoft wanted to market this invention to the commercial sector, such as bars, restaurants and even casinos, with prices ranging from $ 5000 to $ 10000. But, obviously, the enthusiasm from the population has ensured that Microsoft will now mass market. The price of a so-called “family” version has not yet been defined.

According to Tom Gibbons, Microsoft was literally besieged on all sides by organizations and industries that seem very interested in this product. The problem is that the gadget is so new that it is almost necessary to write new software for each utility. Indeed, it is clear that the interface for the casino industry is not the same as for the general public.

For now, Microsoft is pulling all the stops to produce the first copies quickly for the commercial sector. The company is several months behind on the original schedule, since the product was supposed to be launched last year.

In the mean time, it was reported that the Microsoft Surface will be implemented in AT&T stores on April 17 in New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco. AT&T said that the purpose of the Surface in each store will be for customers “to learn about the growing universe of mobile applications and devices“.

I personally cannot wait to actually try one of these nifty computers!

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