Mint, the “online Quicken”

I figured that since I was on a streak of writing about online applications, I might as well cover one of the most popular ones in recent news. offers online banking and money management services to it’s users, and all of it for free. Only US banks and services are included at the moment.

mint logoEliminate the need to manage multiple Web sites to get a comprehensive view of your personal finances. connects securely with more than 5,000 US financial institutions. By adding your bank, credit card and investment accounts to, you get a complete perspective of your finances in one, easy to use location. Planning your personal budget just got a lot easier.

You can use this service to manage every account you have in a single place, including your Paypal and E-Trade along with regular bankin, mortgage, loans, or investment accounts. Mint makes money by providing various offers to their users to help them save money, invest better and manage their finances better. They get compensation from the banks and companies who provide the offers.

As I have said before, Online Applications are a very interesting way to go and Mint is one of those applications that just stands out for it’s ease of use, great presentation (all done in javascript, by the way) and it’s free.

3 Thoughts on “Mint, the “online Quicken”

  1. First time I read about Mint, few months ago, it was only for American people, so if you are living in Canada, forget it!

  2. yes, you are absolutely right. Only US banks and services are listed at the moment. I have not checked to see if you could manage an international Paypal account with it, but that would be pretty useless if you only have one account to manage anyway.

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