Mozilla Firefox 3 – Almost ready

When it comes to browsers, I’m sort of split between the two sides: Internet Explorer or Firefox. I think Internet Explorer 6 was a pretty decent browser because it’s fast and doesn’t use too much system resources, but it’s certainly not the most compliant out there. This is probably the reason why so many people have stuck to it and decided not to upgrade to the dreaded Internet Explorer 7. That IE7 is a real mess of a browser and, although it may do the job for regular home browsing, it’s definitely not compliant and has the highest crash and bug causing record of them all. So the best browser, if I stick only to the major players, would have to be Firefox 2. FF2 is a stable, robust and 100% compliant browser and has the “plugins” capability which allows it to add any of the features that competitors can come up with in a matter of days.

Firefox LogoFirefox 3 has been in the works for a while now and the company openly discouraged regular users from trying it stating that it was a beta that should be tested only by developers. This week however, that speech has changed and you can now give this version a try if you can’t wait for the final build which should become publicly available sometime later this year. Mozilla said that their website should be updated very soon to reflect this information and perhaps give some more details about the release dates.

Firefox 3 is now in it’s 4th round of beta testing and the fifth (and possibly final) round is due to begin in the coming weeks. This round is mostly for aesthetics, visuals and minor bugs, but all the features should remain as they are now. The most interesting improvement to this version for me will definitely be the memory management. Firefox 3 is supposed to use less memory than the previous version – a much needed improvement.

I will certainly give Firefox 3 a go and let you know what I find very soon. I can never wait for final versions before I try something!

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