Youtube videos on Tivo

youtube logo

I’m always a fan of merging technologies because they are usually a great way to facilitate user tasks and make something available to a broader audience. This one is about a little website that everyone must have heard of: Youtube. Each month there is an average of 66 millions viewers who flock to to Continue Reading is now available to US Audience

Hulu logo

We have been hearing about Hulu for quite a long time now and we had yet to see what is had to offer.  Well, the site is now officially opened to the public, as of March 12th 2008.  They had been in beta since October 2007. Hulu’s ambitious and never-ending mission is to help you Continue Reading

Facebook will launch an Instant Chat

facebook logo

There is a rumor running wild right now that Facebook will launch their own integrated chat client into the very famous web site. They are currently testing the client to see how it all fits into the interface and get the kinks out of the way as much as possible. The bulk of the IM Continue Reading

The Automower

The Automower picture

The Husqvarna Company has just put on the market what appears to be the ideal mower. It cuts the grass automatically. That’s right! It does not need human intervention to carry out its task. The name of the device is the Automower. “The new Husqvarna Automower™ Solar Hybrid is powered by innovative and groundbreaking technology Continue Reading

a Quick look at Solid-State Drives

solid state HD

The first time I used a flash drive, I thought: “Why don’t they just make huge storage with the same technology?”. Turns out it was already in the works and it has been for quite some time, but we are about to see the first real-world applications of this technology. Solid-State Drives, means that there Continue Reading

How about some ads with your name in them

I recently came across an article that discussed the possibility for the major players in targeted ads services to be able to display an ad with your name on it. It’s actually a pretty interesting matter because it ties in very closely to our privacy. The actual subject was all the information that gets gathered Continue Reading

Linux PCs – at Walmart – Yes Please!

Everex Logo

It is no secret that I like Linux quite a bit. I very much prefer setting up servers on Linux when it comes to web servers and pretty much anything that has to do with networking. I have nothing against Windows, don’t worry, but when you get a chance to test performance on one and Continue Reading

Social Networks and their massive volumes

Compete's list of social networking sites

I’m always interested in seeing the incredible amounts of traffic that get generated by certain sites. Google’s numbers are incredible, but they are certainly not the only ones to get huge traffic these days. Social networking sites are a very popular trend. They have been around for a few years and are still going strong. Continue Reading

HD DVD early adopters will get a break

Canadian shoppers who bought HD-DVD players before the ”Format War” was over thought they would be stuck with their obsolete players with no more new media coming out.  Future Shop has announced that they will be giving consumers a 100$ credit towards the purchase of an LG or Samsung Blu-ray and HD DVD combo player.  Naturally, Continue Reading

Internet Explorer 8, New Features

IE8 Activities - maps screenshot

Yesterday, I looked at the new Internet Explorer 8, Beta 1 and mostly discussed the internal behavior and rendering capabilities. Today, I wanted to show you what some of the new features are in more detail. There are quite a few improvements, but many of them are “Features” that should have been there a long Continue Reading