sells for $2.6 million

I know that this was a few days ago, but since I posted an article about selling domains for profit recently, I thought it was still interesting to mention it here. If you were quick enough to get your hands on a good, catchy and relevant domain name a few years ago, you might want to start being proactive and not just wait for someone to make an offer on it. Putting it up for auction, could be a good way to get rid of it and make some cool cash while you’re at it. This article has the full story on how it all happened.

Chris Clark bought in 1994 for the usual reservation price of 20$ and has kept it all these years. He originally bought it for his company to try and get contracts with local pizza businesses but it never worked out. He still held on to it thinking it wouls someday be useful. A couple of years ago, he and a friend used the domain to make it a pizza directory with ads returning about 5000$ a month.

The natural traffic on sites with single words like these is impressive. Without ever having to advertise, sites like,, and get regular monthly traffic just because people are curious and because the domain names match exactly the keywords being typed into search engines.

After earing about the sale of for $3 million on the auction site, Chris Clark decided to see what the interest might be for his domain. The auction started slowly but then shot up to the $2 million reserve price that was set and ended a $2.6 million for the final sale price. Sedo keeps 10% for running the auction and running background checks on bidders because of the high numbers being rolled in.

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