Playboy for the iPhone

Techcrunch just reported that Playboy now has an iPhone version of their official website, I always say that music and technology go hand in hand, but sex is also a great partner (pun intended) for technology as well. Some statistics indicate there are over 4.2 million porn websites, roughly 12% of the internet. Keep in mind that statistics like these are very difficult to get so the numbers may be off or outdated, but I don’t have a hard time believing that the Adult Industry occupies a large chunk of websites.

The website is built with an interface designed to look like the rest of the iPhone so you feel right at home, at Hot-or-Not clone to find out which playmates are the best, nightlife adviser and Playboy radio. Playboy radio is an MP3-based online radio show.

This isn’t the first contact between Playboy and the iPhone. In june 2007, Playboy had announced a free pack to “make the iPhone even sexier” which was called iPlayboy. The pack contained 12 “sexy non-nude wallpapers” for the sleek Apple handset, a special photo album with another dozen photos of Playmates, an episode of Playboy’s Sirius Satellite Radio show, and a video customized for the iPhone’s interface.

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