Restaurants of the Future

Several restaurant owners in Europe, Japan and the United States have installed new gadgets within their establishment. It is a touch screen, through which customers can pass their order.

pic.jpeThe idea behind this concept is to encourage impulse buying. If, for example, a person is looking at a beautiful picture of a chocolate cake, it is quite possible that he/she will be tempted and won’t have to wait for someone to show up to take the order. Does the principle work? It looks like it does… A sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv, where such a system has been installed, reported sales up by 11%. It appears that customers who reserve tables now require that a touch screen has been installed. Two small companies offer such a system for restaurants. They are the Israeli society Conceptic and Japanese society Aska T3.

But very large companies have already thought of this, including Microsoft.  Remember when the company launched the Microsoft Surface System. It is a kind of table glass, which is actually a huge touch screen, controlled by the movement of the fingers. These famous tables will be installed over the coming months in hotels, bars and casinos. They allow customers to play computer games, listen to music … and order meals.

Some technology followers believe, “we live in technology, and no one nowadays, fears a screen”.

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