Rock Band on the Wii – Finally!

I don’t usually cover the gaming industry because that would require an entire blog dedicated to that subject, but sometimes an interesting tidbit comes along that is worth deviating for. I know quite a few people who will be interested by this news: Harmonix has announced that the very anticipated game Rock Band, will finally be available for the Wii on June 22th 2008.

Rock Band LogoJust like on the other consoles, Rock Band will ship as a special edition set which includes the game, drums, a microphone and a wireless guitar for $169.99. You can then add another guitar if you want to complete the band and… NO!, Guitar Hero III hardware will not work with this game.

Music rhythm games are the fastest growing genre of video games right now and Rock Band has been the best selling game for February of this year. I haveRock Band instruments played both Rock band and Guitar Hero III on the xbox 360 and both have a little something that the other one doesn’t. If it’s a party music game that you’re looking for though, Rock Band is definitely the way to go because you can get up to 4 players at once rippin’ through some tunes ;-) The Wii version will be a little bit different from other consoles because there will be no online playing and no downloadable songs because the Wii does not have a mass storage solution like the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Still, if the Wii is your console of choice – or the only one you have – you will be able to get your hands on Rock Band and have some fun.

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