Service Pack 1 for Vista is available

For those of you who have made the switch to Windows Vista, the long awaited Service Pack 1 is now available for download from Microsoft. It seems that, although SP1 is meant to fix bugs and make Vista a more stable environment, it also causes a few problems as well. This is to be expected whenever a huge patch like this gets released because it addresses many security related problems and when you close such holes, you may end up stopping some programs from running. Here are some of the programs that are known to be broken by SP1:

  • BitDefender AV
  • Fujitsu Shock Sensor
  • Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10windows-vista.jpg
  • Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008
  • Trend Micro Internet Security
  • Zone Alarm Security Suite
  • Iron Speed Designer
  • Xheo Licensing
  • Free Allegiance
  • NYT Reader
  • Rising Personal Firewall
  • Novell ZCM Agent

Most of the programs are Antivirus or firewalls and it’s no surprise that a Service Pack will cause them to require a new version to be installed. Some drivers from Symantec, Intel, Realtek and AC are also known to cause problems and need to be updated to get a fully functional system.

You can get the complete information on this update from the Windows Vista SP1 page on the Microsoft website. You can get a complete list all the updates and fixes that are included as well as some more information on new functionalities and known bugs as they start showing up.

SP1 is available as a manual download for now and will become available in Windows Updates(and automatically download/install for those with automatic updates enabled) sometime in mid-April. The update ranges from 65mb from Windows Updates to 434mb for the full download for administrative installs.

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