Simply Google makes google simpler

My friend MK007 sent me a link to this site today and it seems like a neat place to start looking if you are a Google lover like me. Google has grown to be an extremely large place and in order to keep up with all the new features and applications that they offer, you need to have an easy way to keep track. I personally try to read some of their available blogs and visit the Google Labs once in a while to see what’s brewing. But if you are not interested in putting all your valuable time going through all the options and trying to keep up you can simply visit Simply Google.

In their own words: is a roundup of every Google search and service out there on one convenient page. For those people who don’t have time to learn the shortcuts or creating smart keywords, this page puts everything Google has to offer on one page.

Simply-Google is not affiliated with Google Inc. in any way, but the page that they offer is interesting to quickly get a glimpse of the possibilities of Google. There are also a few other features and articles related to SEO (search Engine Optimization) and HTML/CSS coding for example. Links to Google blogs can also be found in a column on the right.

If you like Google but don’t have time to look around for every feature, Simply Google may be an easy way to go.

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