Social Networks and their massive volumes

I’m always interested in seeing the incredible amounts of traffic that get generated by certain sites. Google’s numbers are incredible, but they are certainly not the only ones to get huge traffic these days. Social networking sites are a very popular trend. They have been around for a few years and are still going strong. Compete released the rankings for the top social networking sites for February 2008:

Compete’s list of social networking sites

Obviously, MySpace is still the leader in this segment and Facebook is rapidly gaining ground. The interesting thing is the sheer number of unique visitors and monthly visits to these sites. 65 million unique visitors and close to 1 billion visits on MySpace pages during a single month is nothing short of impressive.

The next most interesting point in this figure is the growth that has occured for certain sites. It appears that niche sites are the ones that are grabbing user’s interest on a growing basis. Fubar and Cafemom are good examples of niche sites. Fubar is billed as the “first online bar” and cafemom is directly targeted at, get ready for this one: moms. Other great movers are sites which add a technology touch to the whole social networking fad. Twitter is probably the best example of such a site.

I’m very curious to see what the next big thing will be after Social Networking.

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