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How to download albums from Facebook


Have you ever wanted to grab an entire photo album from one of your friends on Facebook?  It can be pretty annoying to download every single picture from an album, one by one.  About a year ago, I had a plugin for firefox that could download an entire photo album in a single click.  But Continue Reading

Facebook is growing fast.. maybe too fast!

As I have said before, I always enjoy looking into numbers for some companies because they are usually so impressive, they sometimes sound unbelievable.  Techcrunch has an article about the speedy growth of Facebook and increasingly huge requirements to operate their site. Last year, Facebook had a reported $450 million of funding to expand and Continue Reading

Facebook IM is rolling out

Just as previously reported, Facebook has begun rolling out their IM client on some selected networks. This was the only available information since the complete roll out schedule has not been made public. it is to be released to limited networks first for load testing and bug-hunting, and then rolled out to broader networks. The Continue Reading