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Eneloop – rechargeable battery without the downsides

For the first time in battery-history it has been possible to combine the advantages of rechargeable batteries with the advantages of disposable batteries. This new kind of batteries was developed by SANYO, the worldwide leader in rechargeable batteries, in 2005 and has been put on the european market in 2006. Since then it has been Continue Reading

Control your computer with your mind


This must be one of those sci-fi fantasies everyone has at least thought about once in their life.  There have been a few products which have brought us closer to mind-controlled computers being a reality, and now there is actually a product that will be available on the retail market. Based on the latest developments Continue Reading

Modu is the world’s lightest mobile phone


The Guinness World RecordTM for the world’s lightest mobile phone has been awarded to Modu for its tiny and sophisticated mobile phone. Modu was awarded this prestigious honour after careful consideration by the Guinness World RecordsTM judges, who declared that: “The lightest mobile phone is the modu, which weighs 40.1 g (1.41 oz).” Guinness World Continue Reading

Restaurants of the Future

Several restaurant owners in Europe, Japan and the United States have installed new gadgets within their establishment. It is a touch screen, through which customers can pass their order. The idea behind this concept is to encourage impulse buying. If, for example, a person is looking at a beautiful picture of a chocolate cake, it Continue Reading

Youtube videos on Tivo

youtube logo

I’m always a fan of merging technologies because they are usually a great way to facilitate user tasks and make something available to a broader audience. This one is about a little website that everyone must have heard of: Youtube. Each month there is an average of 66 millions viewers who flock to youtube.com to Continue Reading

The Automower

The Automower picture

The Husqvarna Company has just put on the market what appears to be the ideal mower. It cuts the grass automatically. That’s right! It does not need human intervention to carry out its task. The name of the device is the Automower. “The new Husqvarna Automower™ Solar Hybrid is powered by innovative and groundbreaking technology Continue Reading

a Quick look at Solid-State Drives

solid state HD

The first time I used a flash drive, I thought: “Why don’t they just make huge storage with the same technology?”. Turns out it was already in the works and it has been for quite some time, but we are about to see the first real-world applications of this technology. Solid-State Drives, means that there Continue Reading