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Happy Birthday Google!

Google 10th birthday

It was approximately 10 years ago that Google became the search engine we all know today. It was not always the way it is right now, but the philosophy was there from the beginning. Google has put up a really cool timeline that any fan will find very interesting. You’ll find a plethora of facts Continue Reading

Google Chrome in Beta

Google Chrome Logo

If you haven’t been hearing about Google Chrome all over the place since september 1st, then you probably didn’t go on the internet since because that’s all everyone is talking about.  Just like every other blog out there, this is our mandatory Chrome post ;-)  Google Chrome was released in beta yesterday and has already Continue Reading

Google Street View makes some people unhappy

Google may be praised for some of the services it provides and it may be denounced for others. This is the case with its “Google Street View” service, an option derived from Google Maps and Google Earth. The Street View allows you to obtain 360 degrees images of locations in several important cities in the Continue Reading

How to change the index location on Google Desktop

Google Desktop

I’ve been using Google Desktop for quite some time now and never really bothered to look at the size of the index that it generated.  Last week, I noticed my computer getting slower, so I realized that my c:\ drive was almost full.  After looking around for something out of the ordinary, I found that Continue Reading

Google 411 available in Canada


Google’s popular free 411 service GOOG-411 (1-800-4664-411) is now available in Canada. The toll-free directory service that uses Google results to give people phone numbers and addresses of local businesses launched in the States back in April of last year. Since then it’s added an SMS maps service that will send you a link to Continue Reading

Simply Google makes google simpler

My friend MK007 sent me a link to this site today and it seems like a neat place to start looking if you are a Google lover like me. Google has grown to be an extremely large place and in order to keep up with all the new features and applications that they offer, you need to have an easy way to keep track. Continue Reading

Powerset unveils a Wikipedia Semantics search tool

Powerset Logo

We are seeing more and more websites who do not come up with a brand new product, but rather a product that sits on top of someone else’s site. In most cases, these sites are simply an interface to another tool or directly enhance your experience. This is the case with Powerset’s new Semantics-based search Continue Reading

Google Earth 4.3 is available


It’s no secret that I am a fan of Google’s impressive array of online applications and, when it comes to desktop applications, they do an excellent job as well. Google Earth is one of those applications and an even more impressive one if you stop and think about the massive amounts of information that are Continue Reading

Google’s April Fool’s Extravaganza

The Virgle Logo

It turns out that Spongebob Squarepants isn’t the only one who loves April Fool’s day! Google plants a few interesting pranks on this day every year and if you’re not careful, you can get caught believing them for a moment or two. Here are the reported pranks for this year… ADsense for Conversations: Google can Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Online Software Services – The end of software as we know it?

Microsoft Online Portal

Those who know me already find me extremely annoying for it, but I have been saying for quite some time that the future of software is definitely in web-based applications. Many different variations on the terms have been used such as Software-as-a-Service(SaaS), web-based, or even subscription-based applications. The trend is easy to notice and more Continue Reading