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Cozi.com – helps families get organized


If you have a family to keep organized, communication is a crucial part of that equation.  Whenever I start something new, whether it’s a project of just some new habit I should have, I always look for a way to make it fun by involving a software or a website to give me an excuse Continue Reading

Facebook is growing fast.. maybe too fast!

As I have said before, I always enjoy looking into numbers for some companies because they are usually so impressive, they sometimes sound unbelievable.  Techcrunch has an article about the speedy growth of Facebook and increasingly huge requirements to operate their site. Last year, Facebook had a reported $450 million of funding to expand and Continue Reading

Firefox 3 is now Available!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the long awaited Firefox 3 is now available for download from Mozilla. This new version has been in the works for a long time now(actually, 34 months to be exact!) and the entire Firefox Community has been watching and hoping for the final release. Boasting some Continue Reading

Happy SPAMiversary!


It was thirty years ago, on May 3rd 1978, that the very first spam message was sent out. I’m not sure if this is a wonderful event to remember, but the first message was not of malicious intent contrary to the ones we sometimes get today. Back then, the internet as we know it today Continue Reading

Yahoo adds voice search for Mobile Services


Earlier this month, Yahoo! announced “Onesearch 2.0“. Onesearch is Yahoo’s search software for Internet connected mobile devices. The newly released version allows users to use voice commands to search the web. Now you can use your voice to get answers on your phone. With Yahoo! oneSearch™ with voice, it’s fast and easy to search for Continue Reading

Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles

Techforlunch is pretty far from reaching that many articles, but Wikipedia has reached this incredible number this wednesday.  This is my second post on Wikipedia in a very short while and it’s no surprise because it is one of the most visited sites on the internet these days.  I find that Wikipedia is just like Continue Reading

Domain names can still make a good profit

Ever since the internet became a part of the mainstream, there have been people buying a whole bunch of domain names and holding on to them in the hopes of selling them for a profit. If you have ever tried to get a domain name, you already know that there’s a pretty good chance it’s Continue Reading

Wikipedia – Music destination of choice

Wikipedia Logo

I am an absolute music lover, and since music and technology very often go hand in hand, the Internet is an excellent source of information and new music. I read a quick article that shows which sites are the destinations most often visited to get band information. The order usually goes something like this: The Continue Reading

Youtube videos on Tivo

youtube logo

I’m always a fan of merging technologies because they are usually a great way to facilitate user tasks and make something available to a broader audience. This one is about a little website that everyone must have heard of: Youtube. Each month there is an average of 66 millions viewers who flock to youtube.com to Continue Reading

Internet Explorer 8, New Features

IE8 Activities - maps screenshot

Yesterday, I looked at the new Internet Explorer 8, Beta 1 and mostly discussed the internal behavior and rendering capabilities. Today, I wanted to show you what some of the new features are in more detail. There are quite a few improvements, but many of them are “Features” that should have been there a long Continue Reading