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Microsoft withdraws Yahoo! offer

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Microsoft announced Saturday that it is withdrawing its offer to purchase Yahoo!, due to the inability of both parties to agree on an acceptable sale price. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said in a letter sent to Yahoo! that the software manufacturer was willing to spend $47.5 billion to acquire Yahoo, or $33 per share. But Continue Reading

Microsoft starts Vista SP1 automatic updates

Well, I discussed Windows Vista SP1 previously, and now Microsoft has turned on the deployment through automatic updates. This means that if you have automatic updates turned on to download and install automatically, you should be getting SP1 installed pretty soon. Naturally, the process will be progressive because of the many bugs that were found Continue Reading

Microsoft Live Mesh – Tech Preview


For those of you who have been paying attention, Microsoft is slowly moving towards using the internet as their platform rather than the actual machine you use to access it. Basically, in the long run, we should be able to access all of our stuff from anywhere, using any kind of computer, whether it’s a Continue Reading

Microsoft Office as a Subscription Service


Not too long ago, I covered the Microsoft Online Portal Solutions offering Exchange and Sharepoint capabilities as web services. Microsoft just announced that the Office suite will now also be a part of this approach. This is no surprise since Bill Gates mentioned that we would be seeing more and more of this from Microsoft Continue Reading

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Dates

According to Neowin, the long awaited Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is almost here. Although unconfirmed by Microsoft just yet, the dates would be the following: April 14, 2008: Support becomes available for the release version of SP3 April 21, 2008: OEMs, Volume License, Connect, MSDN and TechNet April 29, 2008: Microsoft Update, Windows Continue Reading

Windows Server 2008 – New Features – Part 4

This is the fourth part of my review of the new features in Windows Server 2008. Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) IIS has been pretty much the same old service for quite some time and now comes a much needed update with Server 2008. IIS7 is a robust solution for web hosting and application development Continue Reading

Windows Server 2008 – New Features – Part 3

This is the third part of my review of the new features in Windows Server 2008. Network Access Protection (NAP) Network Access Protection is one of my favorite new features of Server 2008 because I’ve been in a few companies which asked specifically for such a functionality. There are third-party applications that allow this and Continue Reading

Windows Server 2008 – New Features – Part 2

This is the second part of my review of the new features in Windows Server 2008. Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC) Branch offices and remote locations are now an important part of Windows Server deployments and required a complete Server installation with previous versions of Windows. The problem with complete installations is that you might need Continue Reading

Windows Server 2008 – New Features – Part 1


After going to the Heroes Happen {here} event in Montreal, I thought I’d go through all the new features included in Windows Server 2008 to explain what they are and give my thoughts about them. I was pretty impressed with the feature set already, but seeing some of these in live presentations was the extra Continue Reading

Heroes Happen {here} in Montreal


Yesterday, I went to the Montreal edition of the Heroes Happen {here} launch event by Microsoft. This is the launch tour for Microsoft’s next-generation server platform Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. I always enjoy going to these launch events because you get to see the actual products and their features Continue Reading