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RIM – Blackberry App World

Research in Motion (RIM) is now joining the parade with an online app-store.  Just like the very famous Apple iTunes App-Store, and the recently released Microsoft Store, Blackberry users will be able to purchase and download a plethora of applications for their devices.  This was already possible, just not directly from RIM, and this will Continue Reading

PhoneEX – makes your WM5-6 phone act like an iPhone


My mobile phone is an HTC P4000 on the Telus Network.  It runs Windows Mobile 6 and does a pretty good job on most everything I need it for.  However, as in many Microsoft products, there are quite a few areas that can be improved and rendered more enjoyable to use.  Not too long ago, Continue Reading

Playboy for the iPhone


Techcrunch just reported that Playboy now has an iPhone version of their official website, Playboy.com. I always say that music and technology go hand in hand, but sex is also a great partner (pun intended) for technology as well. Some statistics indicate there are over 4.2 million porn websites, roughly 12% of the internet. Keep Continue Reading