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USB 3.0 is coming in 2009

USB 3.0 picture

Everyone has at least one USB device or, at least, most people know what USB is for.  The USB standard has been around for many years already and it quickly became a standard in the industry because so many manufacturers decided to produce equipment that use it.  Now, Intel has released the specifications for the Continue Reading

Yahoo! Buzz goes live for everyone!

As we have previously covered, Yahoo! Buzz is a service that allows you to submit stories that you find interesting and ranks them according to popularity.  Very often compared to Digg and the likes, Yahoo Buzz offers similar features and will publish the top stories for every category on the front page of the Yahoo! Continue Reading

Control your computer with your mind


This must be one of those sci-fi fantasies everyone has at least thought about once in their life.  There have been a few products which have brought us closer to mind-controlled computers being a reality, and now there is actually a product that will be available on the retail market. Based on the latest developments Continue Reading

Firefox 3 is now Available!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the long awaited Firefox 3 is now available for download from Mozilla. This new version has been in the works for a long time now(actually, 34 months to be exact!) and the entire Firefox Community has been watching and hoping for the final release. Boasting some Continue Reading

It’s been a while since we heard about Napster


I’m sure most of you have heard of (and probably used as well) Napster. Napster changed the way we trade, discover and, most of all, download our music forever when it was launched in June 1999. After a very successful run and a whole bunch of lawsuits and pressure from the record industry, Napster closed Continue Reading

GTA4 – We stand corrected at $500 million


Earlier this week, I wrote about GTA IV and said that they had estimated hitting the $300 million mark for the first week of sales. Well, it turns out the estimates were a little bit off and not just by a couple million! Take-Two reported that they sold some 3.6 million copies on the first Continue Reading

Modu is the world’s lightest mobile phone


The Guinness World RecordTM for the world’s lightest mobile phone has been awarded to Modu for its tiny and sophisticated mobile phone. Modu was awarded this prestigious honour after careful consideration by the Guinness World RecordsTM judges, who declared that: “The lightest mobile phone is the modu, which weighs 40.1 g (1.41 oz).” Guinness World Continue Reading

Windows 7 ready for next year?


In a recent public appearance, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, announced that the next version of Windows, dubbed Windows 7, might be ready for next year. Windows 7 is the successor for Windows Vista and the original schedule was for about 3 years after the release of Vista. A 2009 release would mean almost a year Continue Reading

Microsoft Surface is coming your way

Microsoft Surface

If all goes as planned, the Microsoft Surface will be marketed to the general public within 3 years. This is what the senior management of the company seems to be telling us. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Tom Gibbons, the head of products at Microsoft, explained that the demand exceeds all expectations, but some Continue Reading

Rock Band on the Wii – Finally!

Rock Band Logo

I don’t usually cover the gaming industry because that would require an entire blog dedicated to that subject, but sometimes an interesting tidbit comes along that is worth deviating for. I know quite a few people who will be interested by this news: Harmonix has announced that the very anticipated game Rock Band, will finally Continue Reading