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Presdo the Online Scheduling Wonder


Once again, I’ve come across a really cool online application that can be very useful to some readers out there. This one is called Presdo, which you can try for yourself at www.presdo.com, no need to register to see it in action. Presdo takes the hassle out of trying to find the best time to Continue Reading

Microsoft Live Mesh – Tech Preview


For those of you who have been paying attention, Microsoft is slowly moving towards using the internet as their platform rather than the actual machine you use to access it. Basically, in the long run, we should be able to access all of our stuff from anywhere, using any kind of computer, whether it’s a Continue Reading

Quickbase – Quickbooks as a platform service


While we are in this line of thought, might as well cover another application that uses the Adobe Flex framework and that deals with financial data. I spoke about Spiceworks.com and iexpenseonline.com in my last two posts, so this application is a bit more for developers, but could have some very interesting results for the Continue Reading

Keep track of your expenses online – iexpenseonline.com


Everyday I look around the web and find interesting applications. Today, I landed on iexpenseonline.com, and I thought this could be useful to many people out there. If you have been reading anything I’ve written lately, you know that I’m quite fond of well presented and practical applications, especially the ones designed with Adobe Flex. Continue Reading

Mint, the “online Quicken”

mint logo

I figured that since I was on a streak of writing about online applications, I might as well cover one of the most popular ones in recent news. Mint.com offers online banking and money management services to it’s users, and all of it for free. Only US banks and services are included at the moment. Continue Reading