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Chicks please! – Chickipedia.com


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before and it’s no secret that I like beautiful girls.  Actually, most guys do, they just don’t show it as openly.  My girlfriend’s hot.. really hot… but my guy-nature can’t help but notice when a nice girl walks by.  Every time I see some hot girl on TV or Continue Reading

Powerset unveils a Wikipedia Semantics search tool

Powerset Logo

We are seeing more and more websites who do not come up with a brand new product, but rather a product that sits on top of someone else’s site. In most cases, these sites are simply an interface to another tool or directly enhance your experience. This is the case with Powerset’s new Semantics-based search Continue Reading

Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles

Techforlunch is pretty far from reaching that many articles, but Wikipedia has reached this incredible number this wednesday.  This is my second post on Wikipedia in a very short while and it’s no surprise because it is one of the most visited sites on the internet these days.  I find that Wikipedia is just like Continue Reading