The Automower

The Husqvarna Company has just put on the market what appears to be the ideal mower. It cuts the grass automatically. That’s right! It does not need human intervention to carry out its task. The name of the device is the Automower.

“The new Husqvarna Automower™ Solar Hybrid is powered by innovative and groundbreaking technology that combines solar power and electricity.”

The Automower picture

“This will take Automower to the next level with higher performance and further reduced environmental impact” says Bengt Andersson, CEO Husqvarna Group. He continues, “90% of Automower is recyclable, it eliminates the need for fertilizers, it is almost silent, has no exhaust emissions at all and delivers perfect results every time without you having to lift a finger.”

This mower is a bit like a small wireless vacuum for your home. This is how it works: You must first set the limits of your lawn by installing a wire around the yard. The mower detects the wire in question and then changes direction. You can even create pockets in order, for example, to protect flowers or shrubs.

But what is most surprising of this device is its charging station which is installed outside. This is more or less than a “garage” where the mower will rest at the end of a shift. If it senses that its batteries are beginning to run low, it automatically ceases to cut the grass and will return to its docking station.

It is not available in Canada yet, but there are dealers all over the world. You can use their website to find a dealer near you and to get more information on this cool new gadget.

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