Twitter beat the media on news about China earthquake

Twitter has become very popular for keeping everyone informed about what you are doing almost instantly. There are a few ways to get information to and from the site, the most useful and popular one is via SMS – aka Text Messages from your mobile phone.

When the massive Earthquake hit China last week, Twitters used their mobile phones to update their statuses letting everyone know about their situation immediately. Many updates even came during the earthquake.. now that’s way faster than the media! Twitter reportedly became a source of information for major news organizations covering the China earthquake.

Twitter users get a maximum of 140 characters a message; ironically, Twitter designer Biz Stone envisioned its potential as a communication tool by a “tweet” warning he received about a California earthquake while about to board a train.

This is proof that even though it is sometimes mundane to know about every little move all your friends make in one day, it can also be extremely useful to have access to these kinds of services. Chinese users ended up notifying the world of an event, through a California-based service… that’s what I call Networking.

2 Thoughts on “Twitter beat the media on news about China earthquake

  1. Gotta feel bad for those stuck in such a tragedy. Now if only Twitter update technologies like this could be used for more than just a “network update” – if only Twitter technologies can be leveraged to communicate to aid care or emergency workers for immediate action!

  2. I was actually thinking the same thing when I wrote that article.. if there was a way to put all this information to work, it could be useful. thanks for the comment!

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