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I am an absolute music lover, and since music and technology very often go hand in hand, the Internet is an excellent source of information and new music. I read a quick article that shows which sites are the destinations most often visited to get band information. The order usually goes something like this:

  1. The band’s official website
  2. Wikipedia entry
  3. Myspace profile

Wikipedia LogoThis isn’t very surprising to anyone who has visited wikipedia pages looking for information on a specific band or style of music. Since the information on Wikipedia is generated by users, the level of detail is usually far superior to any reviews site you’ll find online. The band’s official website usually gives a good biography and discography, but sometimes getting the entire band history, bands of the same style, and even anecdotes on a band will get you much further.

Although there are currently many more artist pages on Myspace than on Wikipedia, this could be something to start looking into for them. the recent statistics show that users are more interested in getting accurate and detailed information on the bands they love than just the surface/marketing information. I am most certainly in that boat. Myspace pages are not my first destination when I look for band information and Wikipedia has so far been an excellent source of information to find related genres and bands.

You should probably add Wikipedia to your list of destinations if it isn’t on there already – Even for music information!

2 Thoughts on “Wikipedia – Music destination of choice

  1. In my case, I first use quick search shortcut in my Firefox that leads me to FoxyTunes, after that I check for the official band web site.

    If I want to listen to some songs, I go to MySpace, and if I want to have a brief band’s summary, I use Wikipedia where I can find very usefull information.

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