Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles

Techforlunch is pretty far from reaching that many articles, but Wikipedia has reached this incredible number this wednesday.  This is my second post on Wikipedia in a very short while and it’s no surprise because it is one of the most visited sites on the internet these days.  I find that Wikipedia is just like Youtube in the sense that there are so many links that it gets addictive – You just can’t stop reading once you start.

Wikipedia LogoThe 10 millionth article is a short biography of 16th century English goldsmith and painter Nicholas Hilliard and was created by a user called Pataki Marta.  Of course the article is in hungarian and so, the 10 million count is only because it takes into account all the available languages of Wikipedia.

English is the most popular and largest language for the articles found on the site with 2.3 million entries.  German and French come in second and third place in importance, but neither has reached one million articles yet.  You can see all the available languages and their numbers directly on the site.

Perhaps, one day, Tech for Lunch! will have its own entry on Wikipedia but, until then, we’ll just have to keep reading about Nicholas Hilliard and everything else we can find on there!

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