Yahoo! Buzz goes live for everyone!

As we have previously covered, Yahoo! Buzz is a service that allows you to submit stories that you find interesting and ranks them according to popularity.  Very often compared to Digg and the likes, Yahoo Buzz offers similar features and will publish the top stories for every category on the front page of the Yahoo! portal.  During the beta phase, many websites who landed stories on the first page received so much traffic that they simply went down.

Yahoo Buzz logoYahoo! Buzz is now open to the general public, meaning that anyone can submit stories and rate the ones that are already there.  We’ll have to see if the ratings on Buzz are relevant enough for users to keep coming, because ultimately, Yahoo keeps a hand on the editorials.. so it’s not 100% user-driven.  For now, the top pages seem to satisfy but that may have been because only a few selected sites were submitting content.  Time will tell.

In the mean time, why not just Buzz Up our stories and articles using the button at the bottom of our articles and give us a hand! :-)

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