Yahoo! “Buzz” in testing phase

In the midst of a Microsoft/Yahoo! battle about the software giant’s wish to takeover, Yahoo! is still moving along as planned on many projects. One of these projects is the new Yahoo! Buzz, which is currently in a testing phase.

buzz-logo.pngYahoo! Buzz features the most popular stories right now, determined by people around the Web. A story’s Buzz Score is based on your votes, searches, emails, and more. Stories with the highest Buzz Score may be displayed on the Yahoo! homepage.

The idea behind Yahoo! Buzz is nothing new, but combined with the power of one of the most visited sites on the internet, this could be extremely beneficial for users and advertisers alike. Just like Techorati or Digg, Buzz is user-driven and uses visitors opinions, search terms and reviews to judge on the importance and relevance of content. Once an item such as a blog post or a news article has become reviewed as interesting to a majority, it is promoted to the front page for everyone to see.

As you can imagine, this is a very powerful way of finding relevant content quickly and gives users the possibility to make any kind of article, video or blog become top rated. Yahoo! says that this is one of many moves that can be expected to open up the Yahoo! search results and the site for third-party developers. This makes all the Yahoo! search results and it’s affiliated sites more social and relevant for their users.

The other very interesting facet to this type of sites is for advertisers. This makes targeted advertising a lot more interesting and much more reliable because they can see near real-time what it being searched for or voted on the most. I will take a look at Yahoo’s innovations in advertising in a later post.

Yahoo! Buzz is already available online even though it is in testing. You can take a look on Yahoo! Buzz.

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